The bridge to financial freedom

Welcome to CashKeen! The financial freedom website where financial concepts and strategies are explained in simple terms.

What is financial freedom?

Financial freedom means having enough passive income to cover all of my expenses. Thus, this also means I won’t depend on a paycheck for financial stability.

How do I gain financial freedom?

The three phases of a solid financial freedom strategy are:

  1. Establish a solid financial foundation. This includes getting rid of debt, saving money, and getting proper insurance. The Bridge Foundation
  2. Grow your savings by investing in mutual funds and start saving for retirement and possible for college. The Bridge Substructure
  3. Invest in cash flowing investments, such as real estate, online businesses, and dividend paying assets. The Bridge Superstructure

A good analogy to remember these three parts is the analogy of constructing a bridge, The Bridge to Financial Freedom. This bridge is also made of three parts, the foundation, the substructure, and the superstructure. More on this later.

If you have asked yourself questions such as the questions above, then you’ve come to the right website. My ultimate goal with this website is to foster an online community where we can share financial knowledge as we pursue of financial freedom.

A Simple Strategy to Financial Freedom

Get on board and join me in this journey to financial freedom. If nothing else, please don’t leave this website without checking out the article below.

‘The bridge to financial freedom’

This article outlines the entire strategy for those pursuing financial freedom, regardless of their financial situation.

About Myself

My name is JC Keen. I am an engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. In an article titled One Thing We Can Learn and Copy From Successful Immigrants I shared that I am an immigrant and grew up in a country where hustling is a way of life.

I have many years of investing experience in areas that include securities, precious metals, timber land, residential and multi-family real estate.

Although I have a great job and good income, I like the idea of having passive income and not depending on an employer. My desire for financial freedom is something that grew within me as I found myself wanting to spend more time with my loved ones.

Take Action Today

The best thing you can do today is to take immediate action. Too many people have great aspirations, but lack the courage to take action. Start today. Please join me in the pursuit of knowledge and financial freedom. Click here for the latest articles on financial freedom. However, the best place to start may be the Bridge to Financial Freedom.

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